(Adult) Almost 1⁄4” long, flat oval, light tan to mahogany colored, paper thin before feeding, engorged it may appear to be dark to bright red after feeding, 6 thin short legs, piercing-sucking mouthparts, two moderately long slender 4-segmented antennae, considered wingless however has wing stubs therefore unable to fly, can deposit between 200 to 500 eggs and produce 3 or more generation per year, known to survive over one year without feeding.

(Nymph) Tiny, almost colorless and microscopic when first hatched, resembling adult, gradually increasing in size and color through 5 molts before maturing into adult stage usually within 35 to 48 days, can survive months without feeding.

(Eggs) White, slightly curved oval shaped, size of a pin head, usually hatch within one to three weeks, sticky when first deposited, attach in crevices or rough surfaces.