Why use heat:

  • Kills all life stages of bed bugs—adults, nymphs, and eggs—with one treatment unless there is clutter!
  • Our approach penetrates wall cavities, mattresses, furniture and other hard to reach areas
  • No odor from chemicals.
  • Treatment only takes 1 hour to set up, 3 hours of heating, and 1 hour for tear down for a total of 5 hours to be bed bug-free.
  • Bed bugs have become resistant to chemicals so heat is much more effective.
  • We heat homes, apartments, dorms, hotel rooms, offices, busses, tractor trailer cabs and even cars.
  • We are very professional and are all licensed pest control specialist and always come in unmarked vehicles with no logos on our trailer.
  • If any neighbor asks just tell them you had a broken water pipe and we are a water restoration company.

We offer you an environmentally friendly, heat application that can be applied to specific areas as well as entire structures. Our treatment equipment works by generating clean, dry heated air within an infected area by slowly raising temperatures to levels no bed bugs or eggs can survive.

Temperatures in the range of 125-135ºF for about one hour prove fatal to many of the pesticide-resistant organisms that invade our buildings, adult bed bugs die within minutes at this heat range.

Other services:

All Pro Pest Control - we take care of all common insects and rodents.  Spiders, ants, cock roaches and any rodent.